Many members of our Dream It family have been touched by breast cancer.  This page is dedicated to those we love: some have passed and some are survivors.  We love them all and pray for all that are fighting this dreaded disease.

Elenita Rhodes Bergeron
Mother of J. Brian Bergeron. Died June 24, 2000. Breast Cancer. Our facility was dedicated in her honor on June 1, 2001.

Mildred Bergeron Keykendall
Grandmother of J. Brian Bergeron.  Died 1964.Breast Cancer.

 Ruth Ann Rhodes Nelson 
Aunt of J. Brian Bergeron. Died October 15, 2012. Breast


Diane Herbert

Companion of Ralph Bergeron, Breast Cancer Survivor.

Mary Ann Gregoire
Mother of Jill Bergeron. Breast Cancer Survivor.

Tracey King
Mother of Kaitlyn King.  Breast Cancer Survivor.

Sybil Templet Rhodes 
Aunt of J. Brian Bergeron. Breast Cancer Survivor.

Cele Bullard
Mother of Zach Bullard.  Breast Cancer Survivor.

Lynn Fowler
Grandmother of Emma Chafin. Breast Cancer Survivor.

Diane Upshaw
Grandmother of Mary Upshaw.  Breast Cancer Survivor.

Cindy Shore Spurlin
Mother of Brooke Spurlin.  Our Coach.  Breast Cancer Survivor.

Gayle Cooper
Aunt of Randa Cooper. Breast Cancer Survivor.

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