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Hannah Glenn and Abby

Hugging Champions

One of Our Proudest Moments. Thanks Libby

Morgan - Macy - Ali

3 Sisters - 3 Champions


For the past 16 years Dream It has competed at the state, regional, and national level.  Although we are proud of every athlete that has worn the Dream It Leo, these athletes have performed and won on the biggest stages.  Below are our all around champions at the highest levels, along with other notable accomplishments. We have athletes that have won individual events at the state, regional and national levels. They are too numerous to name.  So here are our champions, the best of the best!

Mattie M Hendrix2016Level 1 State Champion
Ali Strenth2014Level 4 State Champion
Libby Barbour2013Level 10 - Scholarship SUNY Courtland
Beth Roberts2013Level 10 - Scholarship UGA - Junior Olympic National Qualifier
Rebecca James2013Level 3 State Champion
Hannah Glenn Hasty2013Level 2 State Champion
Beth Roberts2012Level 10 - Junior Olympic Qualifier
Emma Grace Bryan2012Level 3 State Champion
Alana Lucas2012Level 2 State Champion
Beth Roberts2011Level 10 - Junior Olympic Qualifier
Catherine Rueter2011Level 2 State Champion
Paris Phillips2011Level 8 Regional Champion
Alexa Phillips2009Level 7 - Team Georgia
Samantha deJong2009Level 3 State Champion
Kristen deJong2008Level 9 - National Qualifier
Beth Roberts2008Level 9 - National Qualifier
Anna Sumner2008Prep Op 1 State Champion
Caitlyn Tucker2008Prep Op 1 - 10.0 on Vault
Merritt Johnson2008Level 9 - National Qualifier
Samantha deJong2008Level 2 State Champion
Morgan Wells2008Prep Op 1 State Champion
Molly Parker2007Level 4 State Champion
Alexa Bergeron2007Level 9 - National Qualifier
Kristen deJong2007Level 9 - National Qualifier
Abby Bergeron2007Level 7 - Floor Finalist Champion
Macy Strenth2007Prep Op 1 State Champion
Alexa Phillips2007Prep Op 1 State Champion
Candace Williams2007Prep Op 1 State Champion
Anna Sumner2006Level 2 State Champion
Meri Logan Nix2006Level 2 State Champion
Beth Roberts2006Level 8 Regional Champion
Kristen deJong2006Level 8 - Team Georgia
Kristen deJong2006Level 8 State Champion
Ashley Roberson2006Level 7 State Champion
Karlee Roberts2006Level 7 State Champion
Alexa Bergeron2005Level 9 - National Qualifier
Morgan Jones2005Level 9 - National Qualifier
Morgan Jones2005Level 9 - Regional Champion
Charmaine Kidd2005Level 8 State Champion
Christiana Davis2005Level 7 State Champion
Anna Willis2004Level 3 State Champion
Libby Barbour2004Level 3 State Champion
Amber Spradley2004Level 3 State Champion
Anna Lee Hilliard2004Level 2 State Champion
Candace Riner2004Level 9 Regional Qualifier
Candace Riner2004Level 9 State Champion
Abby Bergeron2003Level 4 State Champion
Emilee Roberts2003Level 5 State Champion
Tatum Lamb2003Level 3 State Champion
Carlie Couch2003Level 3 State Champion
Abby Bergeron2003Level 3 State Champion
Amber Spradley2003Level 2 State Champion
Morgan Strenth2003Level 2 State Champion
Caitlyn Morehead2003Level 2 State Champion
Rebekah Crumley2003Level 2 State Champion
Libby Barbour2003Level 2 State Champion
Ashley McCloud2002Prep Op 2 State Champion
Beth Roberts2002Prep Op 1 State Champion
Laura Leidner2002Prep Op 1 State Champion
Heather Gray2002Prep Op 1 State Champion
Kristen deJong2002Prep Op 1 State Champion
Ami Stewart2002 Level 3 National Champion
Allison Brown2002Level 3 National Champion
Allison Brown2002Level 3 State Champion
Carlie Couch2002Level 2 State Champion
Tara Rigdon2001Level 2 State Champion
Laura Leidner2000Level 2 State Champion
Meagan Czerepinski2000Level 2 State Champion
Natalie Bramwell2000Prep Op 1 State Champion
Alexa Bergeron2000Prep Op 1 State Champion

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Kristen - Abby - Libby - Alexa

4 Champions - 4 Unbreakable Friendships

​Our Latest Champion - 2016 - Mattie Hendrix

Our 1st Champion and Only Finalist Champion